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David Larsen is Director of Africa Media Online. Beginning his career as a journalist and photographer, over the past seven years David has pioneered the work of Africa Media Online which works to enable Africans to tell Africa's story. Dealing both in the media world and in the collections world his concern has been that in the information economy, Africa is able to stand on its own and be heard itself on its own terms. Over the past seven years or so Africa Media Online has been developing systems to enable African institutions and individuals to present many of Africa's most significant image collections to global publishing markets. Toward this end he has led his organisation to: establish the only high end scanning service in South Africa exclusively focused on the digitisation of significant image collections; establish South Africa's first professional keywording service and along with it the African Archival Thesaurus based on the Australian Pictorial Thesaurus; create Africa's leading freeware online image collection management and sales system - memat 2.0; and create one of Africa's leading online picture portals http://www.africanpictures.net

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